New Listings

BP Site w/McDonalds and Fitness Center
Inside Sales: $190,000 monthly                       Gas: 70,000 gallons monthly
Extra income from Lottery, ATM, etc,
This site also has rental income from McDonalds at $80,000 a year and Fitness Center at $25,000 yearly
Price $2,800,000 plus inventory

Subways -2 available
Gross Sales: $525,000 and $550,000 yearly
Lease $1,825 and $1,500 monthly
One of these locations is located inside Walmart
Second location is located next to a UDF
Price: $425,000 for both locations

All prices & terms are subject to change. All information is not warranted or certified and are only the information supplied by the sellers
Marathon Gas Site w/C-Store
Inside Sales: $98,000 monthly
Gallons: 78,000 monthly
Lottery: $24,000 yearly commission
Price: $1.1 million with all improvements plus inventory

Marathon Gas Site w/C-Store 
Inside Sales: $70,000 monthly
Gallons: 65,000 monthly
Lottery: very high
Lease is $4,500.00 monthly
Price: $375,000 plus inventory for business only


  Sunoco Site W/C-Store
  Gallons per Month: $45,000 at high profit
  Lottery Commission: $15,000 yearly
  ATM: Strong
  Air Pump: $700 monthly
  Price:$148,500 plus inventory
  Business only, property available in near future
  Current rent: $4400 monthly