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Convenience Store
Well established C-Store located in upscale area of Cincinnati
On main road with high traffic volume
Store is very well maintained
Rent is only $2000.00 per month
Store offers lottery, check cashing, ATM, C1 & C2 liquor license
Lottery commission is over 36K
Sales are over 700K per year
This store is priced to sell fast and is priced well below its true value  Asking price $150,000 plus inventory
Marathon Gas Site
Inside Sales: $90,000 monthly
Gallons: 60,000-65,000 monthly
Lottery Commission:$20,000 yearly
Additional $1,500 monthly collected
from adjoining Chicken Restaurant
Price; $1.5 plus inventory

Shell Site W/C-Store
Inside Sales $80,000 monthy average
Gallons; 70,000 monthy average
This site has one of the largest lottery commissions at $124,000 for the year of 2015
Price; $1,400,000
Convenience Store
This c-store has been in business for 44 
It grosses $650,000 yearly and has a huge net return because of low operating cost and no competition. 
Rent is only $1,300 per month
This store receives an average of $4,000 
per month in various rebates
This store will sell fast, so if your a serious 
buyer looking for a sound and highly profitable business, act fast
It is priced to sell quickly at only 
$120,000 plus inventory.

Shell Gas Site W/C-Store and Car Wash
This location is located on a main intersecting corner with no competetion
Inside store sales are $90,000 to $95,000 monthly
Gallons per month are 110,000 to 115,000
Car wash nets $3,000 monthly
ATM nets $400 monthly
Lottery commission is $20,000 plus, yearly
Same owner for last 24 years
Site and operation are impeccable
Price of 1.6 million with all improvements
      BP Gas Site w/C-store
      Inside Sales: $125,000
      Gallons Monthly: 50,000-55,000
      C-Store has 5,000 square feet
      Gas is at 30 cents per gallon profit margin
      Lease $9,000 monthly
      Price: $375,000 plus inventory, business only