Gas Stations
Shell Gas site w C-Store
located in Northern Kentucky
Inside store sales are high with high
 profit margin
High tobacco sales
Store has ATM, liquor license, and lottery
Financing available with right down payment
Selling price: $1,500,000

Valero Gas Site
Sales $600.000i inside, plus gas, plus lottery
License carried are C1 and C2
Open 7 days a week
Lease is $4,000 per month
Price $90,000 plus inventory

Sunoco W/C-store
Inside Sales $70,000 monthly
Gallons per month: 60,000
Lease $3,400 monthly
Site includes lottery, ATM, and check cashing
This site is primary an all cash income location,
With very low credit card fees
Priced for immediate sale: 
Price: $160,000 plus inventory

All prices & terms are subject to change. All information is not warranted or certified and are only the information supplied by the sellers.
BP Gas Site W/Subway
Located in upscale area of Northern Kentucky. 
C-Store is over 3500 sq.ft.
Inside store sales are over $100K 
Subway sales are over $200K yearly
Over 60K gallons per month
Lottery commission is over $30K yearly
Store and grounds area are in
immaculate condition
Asking price is $1,850,000

Sunoco Gas Site W/C-Store
Inside sales are currently over $92,000 a month
Gas is over 50,000 gallons per month
Lottery commission is high
Excellent opportunity with some seller financing
Price: $1,250,000
Convenience Store
Store is located in a heavy residential area with no competition
Daily sales average $1,500 and more on weekends
Lottery commission is good
Store is also U-Haul rental location with extra income
C1 & C2 liquor license
Rent $1,875.00
Priced well below value at $125,000 plus inventory

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BP Gas Site
C-Store is 3,000 square feet
Gallons: 55,000-60,000 montlhly
Inside Sales: $55,000 monthly
Price: $350,000 with all improvements