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Our company is your best source for Business Purchases, Business Marketing and Business Opportunities
  Established in 1995, we have over 21 years of collective knowledge and experience that  gives us a unique advantage in providing professional services regarding selling and marketing commercial businesses. As a business broker in Cincinnati, we specialize in Gas Stations, Gas Stations with Convenience Stores, Markets, Liquor Stores. Drive Thru's and high volume gas purchases.  Global has one of the largest listing profiles in the state of Ohio of Gas Stations and other business opportunities. Not only do we have the listings, but we have buyers who are looking for the perfect investment.  We understand and have experience in the complex business that is involved in owning, operating, leasing, managing, expanding and liquidating these type of businesses.  If you are interested in talking with us about gas stations for sale in Cincinnati, or other commercial entity's such as c-stores and markets, please give us a call or e-mail us
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Have you ever considered acquiring more Gas Stations or Businesses? Do you plan on selling your Gas Station or Business?
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Global Marketing is the area's leader and most knowledgeable company broker in the gas/petroleum industry. 
Global has more listings for gas station sites with convenience stores than any other business broker. 
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Broker is not licensed to priactice law in the Sate of Ohio and recommends buyers to consult 
with a licensed attorney with respect to all contracts, leases, and legal documents and
instruments in connection with any business transactions.